Despite only being 4 pages long, this blog very loosely documents the last three years of my educational life. As something of a conclusion, I graduated University with a first in animation and I now live in a flat Manchester with the girlfriend where I currently work for Cosgrove Hall (Danger Mouse) as a compositor on their new kids TV show. For anyone who wishes to see more, I’ve started a new blog, which will focus a bit more on creative work, including work in progress and hopefully more drawings and such.

Thanks for reading, It’s been great.

Aftermath Joe

Almost two months on and I am proud to announce that Level 50 has made the front page of Newgrounds.com! Thank you very much to whoever made that happen. The film also went on to be shown at The University Of Huddersfield graduate show where it won ‘The External Examiner Prize’ awarded by legendary animation man Paul Wells. In other news, I went on to graduate from University, being awarded a 1st! Also, I have officially started work my next film, this one will not contain any elevators.

Hitman Joe in: Level 50 is online!

My big animation project, it is finally up! You can watch it on Youtube or Newgrounds, pick your poison. (Youtube seems to have treated the colours a little better though.)

Thank you to everyone who was involved in the process of making this, I really appreciate everyone’s feedback, ideas and motivational comments.

Special thanks of course to Joel for providing The Baron’s awesome voice.

I really appreciate everyone putting up with me when I was too busy working on this to socialize or be a normal person. It’s been a hell of a ride making the film and I can’t wait to do it all again on my next project.


Level 50 is Coming

While the version of ‘Hitman Joe In: Level 50’ I handed in to university was complete, I really wanna give it the icing on the cake and make sure it’s perfect before I upload it for the world to see. With all the craziness organizing the degree show and examinations right now, it could be a week or two, but hang in there, it’ll be worth it.

Here is a snap of my ever growing, ‘finishing touches’ checklist.


The Final Week

Hitman Joe in: Level 50 is almost done! Well on track to be handed in this Friday. Post hand-in, I think I will shine the film up a little, especially in areas I produced close to the start of this process, effectively creating a ‘Director’s Cut’ which I will be showing at shows and eventually uploading online, just for you!

3 Weeks Remain

The Deadline is really drawing in now, not to worry though, Hitman Joe In: Level 50 is actually very much on track for completion. This project has taught me as much about time management as it has about animation.


100 Days Remain

The planning stage is done, the animatic is finished, and below is a snap from my dope sheet/shot checklist. I’ve worked out there are about 100 working days between me and my deadline. This is it.